Maverick Launcher : Introduction



A program launcher should provide quick access to the programs and documents on your computer. A key feature of any launcher is actuation, i.e. how it is opened. Some program launchers attach themselves to the taskbar, other launchers may use hotkeys or some other strategy. Essentially, a program launcher must be quick and simple to open.

Maverick offers several actuation methods...

In a typical configuration, if you want to open the Windows Calculator, you would do the following...

  1. Move the mouse to the top of the screen and press the left mouse button — this will cause the launch window to appear.
  2. Simply click the Calculator button.


A program launcher must be versatile and easy to configure. Maverick is very strong in this area...


A program launcher should be attractive. Maverick has a many visual options so you should be able configure it in a way that suits you.

Other Features

Maverick has much more to offer...

Minimum Requirements

Computer  Any Pentium-class computer or above running Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Though no longer supported, Maverick should also work correctly on older platforms.
Hard Disk space  Less than 5 MB