Maverick Launcher : Registration Problems

I clicked the Register button on this website but it didn't work

The Registration code(s) I received is invalid

Unless there has been a major failure in the registration process, this is probably the result of a typing error.

I placed an order for registration code(s) but I haven't received it

Registration codes should be despatched immediately after credit-card authorisation is completed - this is an automatic process. However, email services do occasionally breakdown. Please wait ~24 hours before taking the actions below.

I wish to transfer the registration to a new computer

This is straightforward. Follow the instructions below.

My email address was rejected by the registration company

Whilst most freemail accounts with providers such as hotmail are currently accepted, due to the prevalence of credit-card fraud, this may change without notice. If the only email account you have is with a freemail provider and it is rejected, the simplest solution will be use a friend's email address - WITH THEIR PERMISSION. They can then forward any receipt/registration emails that they receive to you. If this is not possible, shareit offer payment methods other than internet/credit-card. If you are still unable to register, use the email link below to request advice.

Other registration problems

Use the mail link below.
Please describe the nature of the problem and include the following information.

To find the System ID and Modifier values, proceed as follows.


form mail