Maverick Launcher : Obliterate Files


When a file is sent to the Recycle Bin, it may be simply recovered. When a file is deleted, it may often be recovered intact provided few file operations have taken place on the disk since deletion. (You need special software for this but the process is straightforward.) Clearly, there may be occaisions when files need to be destroyed in such a way that the contents are lost forever (rather like shredding and/or burning paper documents). Obviously, this should not occur accidentally, therefore a dialog is required to ensure that the user is given the chance to cancel the operation.

Question: Could anyone recover the data after it is obliterated?

For all practical purposes, once destroyed the data will not be recoverable from a hard disk. Floppy disks are another matter. Head alignment on floppy drives varies slightly. Someone with specialist equipment might be able to recover data fragments if files were written using one drive and obliterated by another.
Unless you work in the field of national security or operate on the wrong side of the law, the obliteration process should be adequate for your needs. Nevertheless, you should be aware that the tail-end of a file that was shortened prior to destruction will not be overwritten by random data if the shortening resulted in fewer clusters being allocated to the file. That tail-end might be recovered by someone with the right skills and software.


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