Maverick Launcher : Wipe Free Space


Also see Obliterate.

When files are sent to the recycle bin, restoring them requires no more than a few mouse strokes and even when they are deleted, the space they previously occupied is simply marked as vacant so recovery is often possible.

This tool makes recovery impossible by writing random data over vacant areas of the disk. The method used is very simple...

  1. A directory is created called L:\WipeFree.XXX (where L is the drive letter).
  2. A file is created within it, also called WipeFree.XXX.
  3. Random data is written to the file until failure occurs, typically as a result of the disk being full. (Other errors are reported.)
  4. The file WipeFree.XXX is deleted.
  5. The directory L:\WipeFree.XXX is also removed (but only if it was created, i.e. it did not previously exist).