Maverick Launcher : Zipfix


This provides basic repair capabilities for damaged zip files. It scans the input file for the individual header-blocks of each contained file. If it finds a valid header-block, it attempts to read the appropriate data. If the data appears to be valid, it is written to the output file. It continues to scan until as much data as possible is recovered.

This applet can also assemble fragmented archives either from hard disk or from floppy disk.

Handling fragmented zip archives manually

The following instructions should be sufficient to understand how to deal with fragmented archives manually.

How to copy each part to diskette from a hard disk

  1. Ensure that file names adhere to the convention below.
    '', '', ''
  2. Open a DOS window. Copy each file to it's own diskette. Rename it and relabel the diskette using the following commands
    Copy A:\
    Label A: PKBACK# 001 [Note the space between # and the first digit]
    [Change diskette - place empty formatted disk in drive]

    Copy A:\
    Label A: PKBACK# 002 [Note the space between # and the first digit]

How to assemble a fragmented archive into a single file.

  1. Open a DOS window enter the directory containing the files
  2. Concatenate them with the following command :-
    Copy /B
    [Note the use of the /B switch - this is vital]
  3. Fix the internal directory structure using a ZipFix program.
    e.g. ZipFix
  4. Rename the resulting file if necessary. This is now a normal zip file and should be at least 4 bytes smaller than the sum of the parts.


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