Unicounter : License

Unicounter is freeware. That is to say it may be used and/or distributed without any charge subject to the terms below. Nevertheless, copyright still applies. Any breach of the terms of this license may be considered to be a breach of copyright, in which case the copyright holder may initiate legal proceedings. Use of or distribution of Unicounter shall be deemed to be acceptance in full of all terms of this license.

  1. This license shall be governed by English law. All disputes will be heard within England unless all parties concerned agree on an alternative location.
  2. No conversation, whether recorded or not, shall form any part of this license.
    No email, whether digitally signed or not, shall form any part of this license.
  3. Unicounter is supplied without any warranty. You must accept all liability for losses that result from its use. No other individual or organisation shall be liable for any such losses. You should test Unicounter thoroughly before deployment.
  4. Unicounter may be used without charge in both commercial and private websites. However, you must place a link to http://www.cathonian.com/software/unicounter/ with a comment similar to counters provided by Cathonian Software. This link need not be large but it should be legible.
    Only one link per website is required.
  5. You may modify Unicounter for private or commercial use but you may not redistribute modified versions.