Uniform Mail : License Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

These apply to all versions.

Any breach of the terms of this license may be considered to be a breach of copyright, in which case the copyright holder may initiate legal proceedings. Use of or distribution of Uniform Mail shall be deemed to be acceptance in full of all terms of this license.

Version 1.x

This version is freeware. That is to say it may be used and/or distributed without any charge subject to the other terms of this license. Nevertheless, copyright still applies.

Version 2.x

This version may be evaluated free of charge but in all other regards should be treated as regular software that might be purchased from a store.

Small Business License

Large Business License

Bespoke Alterations

Requests for alterations to version 2.x will be considered. Small alterations that would be of general use may be provided at no charge, or at a nominal charge. Larger alterations will normally be charged at a fixed price agreed in advance based on the estimated time required and a daily rate of approximately $400 US, €300 Europe, £250 UK.