Wipedir : License

The following is a copy of the license supplied with WipeDir, however, it is provided for convenience only. If any material differences exist, the terms in the most recent version of the download package take precedence.



Within the confines of this license :-


  1. This license shall be governed by English law.
    All disputes will be heard within England unless all parties concerned agree on an alternative location.
  2. No conversation, whether recorded or not, shall form any part of this license.
    No email, whether digitally signed or not, shall form any part of this license.
  3. Subject to prevailing law, the Copyright Owner, Authors and Publishers shall not be liable for any losses resulting from use of WipeDir, however, this license does not indemnify Deployers against their liabilities.
  4. WipeDir may not be used or configured in a manner likely to be damaging to a computer installation.
  5. You may edit message strings in WipeDir for use in languages other than english, however you may not alter WipeDir in any other way. In particular, the copyright strings, etc. MUST NOT be altered.
  6. You may not misrepresent the origin of WipeDir. In particular, you may not distribute WipeDir program files as part of a toolkit for software developers. You may, however, distribute the entire WipeDir package in the form in which it is available to download from Cathonian Software.

In addition, if you use WipeDir, please :-

These are not license requirements, merely a request.

Email addresses WILL NOT be passed to other organisations. See www.cathonian.com/software/privacy.html.